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Project Description
This project is an attempt to clone the game "Uplink" into a new and improved MMO version. As my personal spare time has become insufficient to allow for enough progress, i've published the game's sources.

The concept

The architectural concept is a client/server implementation with the client being based on Silverlight 4 and the server being a Windows service using full-duplex WCF Net.TCP connections between the server and the client. The database is based on the db4o object database, thus no SQL knowledge is required.

The current state of the project

The server and client are both working, the architecture is complete and multi-user-playing has been tested. The typical Uplink2 features such as hacking and tracing are implemented, the game also features a complete communication system simulating IRC, Usenet and email. Furthermore, it contains a complete commerce system including banks and markets. Last but not least some fundamental programs are included as well (ie. software that the player can use for hacking etc).
There are a couple of tools included, such as the main database "script" (a program that populates the game database). One tool that is just started is the Story creation tool, ie. a tool intended for creating story lines and missions for players.


The source code contains comments all across, however there are also a couple of diagrams for certain sub components, explaining intended gameplay and mechanisms. These diagrams can only be used using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, thus i will try to convert those diagrams into image files where applicable. But this will not be done at the time of publishing this project.


I have branched off the latest snapshot of my sources into a public release and transferred it from my TFS@homeoffice to Codeplex. I will still continue developing on the main branch, but these modifications might not necessarily show up publicly. In either case, it is safe to download the source code and use it as a foundation for continuing/finishing the project. Or making a new one. Or... whatever. ;)

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